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Dark Chocolate Drops


Silky smooth organic, fair-traded Criollo Cacao from Peru, which is ethically sourced from sustainable farms. Refined sugar free, these dark chocolate drops can be used in baking, melted to make a divine drink or eaten straight out of the box.

The benefits.

  • Promotes brain and heart health and is a rich source of energy supply (monounsaturated fats and iron)
  • May improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging (polyphenols - antioxidants)
  • May help to promote good psychological health and maintain muscles bones and teeth (magnesium)
  • Helps the immune system fight free radicals and reduces inflammation (polyphenols - antioxidants)

What goes in.

Organic Peruvian cacao paste anad dehydrated coconut blossom nectar. 

Peruvian cacao butter (Cacao solids 70%)

What's kept out?

Sugar, glucose syrup, milk solids, and vegetable fat.

Did you know?

Did you know that much of the cacao used in commercial products is farmed unsustainably? In an attempt to meet increasing demand, some farmers are turning to practices that can harm both the end product and our environment. Some are shifting their crops from shade into direct sunlight, while others are relying on herbicides and pesticides to keep pests at bay.


Ethically sourced from sustainable farms in Peru. Made in Byron Bay. 

Hot tip.

Perfect for dairy-free and vegan-friendly cooking.  Store in a cool / dry place. 

Loco Love

Founded by naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist Emica Penklis in 2013, Loco Love is dedicated to creating decadent indulgence and high-vibe health consciousness. Made with love daily in Byron Bay, Loco Love’s menu is full of twists and turns. By using only the finest organic, plant-based and whole food ingredients, while adding their unique blends of superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices, Loco Love is in constant pursuit of lovingly crafted, seductive and flavourful chocolates that make you feel good and inspired when you eat them. In addition, by donating monthly to causes like access to life-saving clean water in Ethiopia or grain seeds to nourish children in Malawi, we feel Loco Love is doing their part as a global citizen.