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Freemasons x Part&Parcel. 

Becoming a mother is one of the most transformative experiences of one’s life. Be it your first, or third child, it’s a time of complex emotions, from sheer joy and gratitude to total overwhelm and exhaustion.

7 weeks ago, Daniel and I welcomed our third son into our family. So, we are walking this path alongside you. As a third time mother, the one thing I have finally learned, is to unashamedly call on support, in whatever form that looks. Be it a meal-train from friends or reaching out for emotional support when the exhaustion gets the better of you.

Our intention is that Part&Parcel can be one arm of your support system by saving you time and money in the follow ways…

  • Provide a trusted one-stop-shop for all your organic household staples.
  • Conveniently deliver to your doorstep. No more prams in supermarkets.
  • Present a carefully curated product selection, to save you time researching.
  • Reduce the price by up to 30% everyday through our membership model.
  • Ensure the ordering process is simple, so you can shop whilst feeding the baby.

Part&Parcel was conceived directly after the birth of our second child, and was designed to cater for young parents just like us – who care about what we eat, and where our food comes from. Feel free to read more about Our Story here.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy browsing our Aisles and discovering the amazing local brands we are so proud to support.

As a welcome gift of $30, please email to get the discount code. 

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