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Made with Olive Oil

This rich and creamy textured aioli packs a delicious punch of garlic. Made with olive oil and free-range whole eggs, this healthy aioli is perfect with fish and chips, salads and contains no cheap and nasty industrial seed oils, like canola or sunflower.

The benefits.

  • May help reduce inflammation (monounsaturated fats in olive oil)
  • Assists with normal functioning of your heart and blood cholesterol levels (Omega-3 ALA in olive oil)
  • Assists in supporting a healthy immune system (enzymes and potassium in apple cider vinegar)
  • Helps contribute to the normal function of your liver and enables your body to process fats effectively (choline and vitamin B7 in eggs)

What goes in.

Olive Oil (60%), free range whole eggs (21%), extra virgin olive oil (9%), Australian garlic, apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, tapioca starch, mustard powder, Olsson’s 100% sea salt, rosemary extract. 

What's kept out.

Industrial seed oils, gluten, refined sugar, dairy, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

Did you know?

Commercially produced aioli usually contain cheap and nasty industrial seed oils, commonly in the form of canola oil or sunflower oil, which are high in highly unstable omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. When these fats come into contact with oxygen, heat and light, toxic chemicals called free radicals are formed, causing inflammation, damage to our cells and wreak havoc on our health.


Made in Australia.

Hot tip.

As olive oil has a large droplet size, the aioli may separate at extremely high and low temperatures. To re-emulsify simply stir rapidly or give it a shake.

Undivided Food Co.

Undivided Food Co is company with a simple philosophy of making real, time-honoured and nutrient-dense food as delicious and convenient as possible. Through focusing on one pantry staple at a time, they source the best quality ingredients, while keeping a light footprint on this planet. Aiming to use food in its whole form, all of their products are free of gluten, industrial seed oils and refined sugar, whilst catering to the paleo and keto community. Constantly engaging in fantastic plastic and carbon offset initiatives, we believe that Undivided Food Co deserve a place, in everyones pantry.