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Asian Dressing

Soy Free

This Asian Dressing has no soy and is naturally sweet & spicy thanks to ingredients like rice wine vinegar, coconut aminos, garlic, sesame, ginger and chilli. Low carb and gluten free, it’s the perfect addition to Asian inspired dishes.

The benefits.

  • May help reduce inflammation (monounsaturated fats in olive oil)
  • Helps with normal functioning of your heart and blood cholesterol levels (Omega-3 ALA in olive oil)
  • May help reduce risk of chronic diseases (antioxidants in olive oil)
  • Contains trace minerals that help nourish and strengthen the body (sea salt)
  • Effective at reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis  (anti— inflammatory properties in ginger)

What goes in.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rice Wine Vinegar, Coconut Aminos, Apple cider vinegar, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Ginger, Chilli, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate

What's kept out.

Soy, refined sugars & artificial flavours.

Did you know?

Did you know commercial asian dressings are loaded with soy, sugar, sulphites, preservatives and food acids? For example, Chang's Salad Dressing packs 36.2g of sugar into every 100g of sauce. Compared to 6.3g of sugar with Good Sauce Asian Dressing and ingredients you know and love like olive oil, coconut aminos, garlic & ginger. It's time to make the switch.   


Made in Australia. 

Hot Tip.

Use to dress salads, marinate meat, or to drizzle over raw or roasted veggies.

Undivided Food Co.

Undivided Food Co is company with a simple philosophy of making real, time-honoured and nutrient-dense food as delicious and convenient as possible. Through focusing on one pantry staple at a time, they source the best quality ingredients, while keeping a light footprint on this planet. Aiming to use food in its whole form, all of their products are free of gluten, industrial seed oils and refined sugar, whilst catering to the paleo and keto community. Constantly engaging in fantastic plastic and carbon offset initiatives, we believe that Undivided Food Co deserve a place, in everyones pantry.