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Coco Rough

Chocolate Clusters

A childhood coco rough treat. Take toasted coconut clustered in organic 67% signature dark chocolate and we guarantee, you will be transported back to your childhood with this all-time favourite treat.

The benefits.

  • May help fight cardiovascular disease and aid healthy blood pressure (polyphenols — antioxidant in cocoa)
  • Contributes to healthy bones, connective tissue, and energy creation (manganese and magnesium in cocoa)
  • Promotes feelings of well-being (tryptophan — serotonin in cocoa)
  • Aids your energy creation, immune system and nervous system (copper)

What goes in.

Raw Cacao* (Nibs, Butter), Coconut Sugar*, Toasted Coconut*,  Himalayan Salt

*Certified Organic

What's kept out.

Artificial flavours, emulsifiers, palm oil, and GMO ingredients.

Did you know?

Did you know conventional chocolate bars are packed with more than nuts and nougat? Take a look at the packaging and you’ll see there’s a long list of questionable ingredients — most of which we can’t pronounce. Some of the most common offenders? High fructose corn syrup, vegetable fat, artificial colours, milk powder, preservatives and emulsifiers.


Lovingly made in Byron Bay.

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