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Maple Syrup

Organic | Grade A

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Maple syrup at its finest. It’s 100% pure, made by simply tapping sugar maple trees, then boiling the sap. It’s also 100% delicious. With a dark and robust flavour, it’s an indulgent sweetener that sugar can’t compete with.

    The benefits.

    • Contributes to energy creation and supports healthy bones and teeth (manganese and calcium)
    • Helps your immune system and is good for eyesight (zinc)
    • Protects cells from damaging free radicals and increases your ability to process information (copper and iron)

    What goes in.

    Organic maple syrup.

    What's kept out.

    Chemicals and preservatives.

    Did you know?

    Did you know some commercial maple syrups aren’t even maple syrups? They’re purely ‘maple-flavoured’, which is usually a sickly recipe of sugar syrup and added flavourings. To reap the taste and health benefits, always reach for 100% real maple syrup.


    Sourced from Canada.

    Hot tip.

    Maple syrup and pancakes is one of the world’s great partnerships. But maple syrup has so much more to give. Try squeezing it over your salads or roast veggies.

    Honest to Goodness

    From the sesame seeds they sell to the very soul of their organisation, Honest to Goodness keep it, well, honest. Their philosophy? To make healthy food and affordable ingredients for everyone. Established in 2002, Honest to Goodness is underpinned by the strongest of company values, like ‘contribute not exploit’, which places ethical contribution and responsibility at the forefront. They also support organisations and causes whose values align with their own, which includes their ‘goodness giving program.’ Wholefoods that are ethical, environmental and don’t cost the earth? Sounds like our perfect partner.