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Milk chocolate with a hint of green apple and peach. The La Maravilla (“wonder”) coffee is grown in Guatemala’s lush Huehuetenango region known for it’s bold yet delicate taste and tantalising aromas.

    The benefits.

    • Effectively disarms free radicals and prevents oxidative stress (polyphenols — antioxidants)
    • Supports the body's energy supply and mental performance (vitamin B2 and B3)
    • May help to promote good psychological health and maintain muscles bones and teeth (magnesium)

    What goes in.

    La Maravilla farm - Guatemala’s lush Huehuetenango region, grown at 1,650 -1,800 metres above sea level and protecting from frost thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain. 

    What's kept out.

    GMO ingredients, pesticides.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that tiny fungi called mycotoxins have been found in some commercial coffee? These mycotoxins have been linked to brain cell damage, hypertension and kidney disease. All from your morning cup. Why take the risk?


    Grown in Guatemala’s lush Huehuetenango region. Expertly roasted in Melbourne, Victoria.

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