Essential Hemp

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Hemp Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin

Behold: the healthiest culinary oil out there. This cold pressed hemp seed oil boasts the ideal mix of essential fatty acids, contains 40% less saturated fat than olive oil, and is loved for its robust nutty flavour.

The benefits.

  • The ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to 3 fatty acids (balances inflammation)
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids (complete protein)
  • Support immune function, (vitamin E - antioxidant)
  • Helps with bone and muscle health (calcium and magnesium)

What goes in.

Certified organic hemp seeds.

What's kept out.

Processed ingredients.

Did you know?

Did you know that hemp seed oil should be kept in a dark bottle? This will protect it from sunlight, which over time can turn the oil rancid. This not only destroys the all-important antioxidants; it can also trigger harmful free radicals that contribute to cell damage.


Made fresh in pristine Bangalow, northern New South Wales.

Hot tip.

If you suffer with premenstrual syndrome every month, it might be time to add some hemp seed oil to your diet. The physical and emotional symptoms might be linked to low levels of prostaglandin E1. In good news, hemp oil’s omega-3 fatty acids assist in the production of PGE1. Try adding a drizzle to your dressings or dips!

Essential Hemp

Hemp is being celebrated as our next big superfood, but it’s anything but a fad. In many parts of the world, hemp has been a staple food for thousands of years, and for good reason(s)! This Australian owned and operated business understands what hemp can do for our health — that’s why they’re leading the charge in Australia towards acceptance and inclusion of this powerful plant. In fact, Hemp Foods Australia believes we can be a major global competitor in growing organic hemp, and have plans to grow thousands of hectares sustainably and in harmony with nature. Tucked away in pristine Bangalow, Hemp Foods Australia manufactures, blends and packs using processes that create the most nutritious addition for your pantry.