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Hemp Parmesan


An alternative cheese made from certified organic hemp seeds. A deliciously creamy and nutty parmesan taste, with all the health benefits of hemp.

The benefits.

  • Helps balance inflammation (ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to 3 fatty acids in hemp seeds)
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids (complete protein in hemp seeds)
  • Support immune function, (vitamin E - antioxidant in seeds)
  • Helps with bone and muscle health (calcium and magnesium in hemp seeds)

What goes in.

Organic Hemp (62%), sunflower seeds, organic nutritional yeast, garlic (2.1%), thyme 1%, rosemary 1%, Himalayan pink salt.

What's kept out.

Artificial colours, fillers and additives.

Did you know?

Did you know many commercial brands sneak unwelcome ingredients into their spices? Plant husks, cheaper seeds and other fillers are sometimes used to bulk up a spice, while industrial dyes and chromate may be added to amplify the colour.


Made in Byron Bay.

Hot tip.

Sprinkle Cashew Parmesan on your salads, pizzas, pastas, roast veggies and everything in between, to turn even the simplest of meals into a healthy, exciting and flavourful experience. 

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Founders, Olga and Alex, have a simple belief - that pure, whole foods, sourced from clean sustainable farms keep us healthy and full of energy. Originally from Russia, they travelled the world, and eventually fell in love with Australia but noticed, it was difficult to find healthy snack foods that actually tasted good. So they began dreaming up recipes to make healthy, natural foods as delicious as they are nutritious. Deciding to trade careers in medical biology (Olga) and software design (Alex), their adventure began, and have since, devoted their lives helping people live healthy, joyful lives, by making healthy snacking, effortless. They make every batch of snacks in their Byron Bay factory, using homespun recipes and only unprocessed, plant based ingredients. While, they pride themselves on the way they source local ingredients, like kale from a certified organic farm, where the land has completely been restored to its purest original state - to kelp sourced from the shores of King Island to the West Coast of Tasmania.