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Organic Tea Pyramids

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This aromatic masala chai is an 11-spice blend, perfectly combined with a deep-bodied organic black tea. Handmade to a family recipe and mixed for Ayurvedic properties, it’s bold, fragrant and remedial.

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    The benefits.

    • Helps remove free radicals and decrease cell damage in the body (antioxidants from black tea)
    • Helps produce healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells (iron in aniseed seed)
    • May help lower blood pressure (cardamom)

    What goes in.

    Aniseed, black tea, cardamom, carom seeds, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, ginger, mace, rooibos, rose petals and star anise.

    What's kept out.

    Sugar, preservatives and animal products.

    Did you know?

    Did you know many instant chai powders have sugar as the number one ingredient? Having too much sugar in your diet can cause a range of unfavourable issues, from sugar crashes to weight gain to increased risk of heart disease.


    Sourced in India. Handmade in Melbourne

    Hot tip.

    Drink it hot or iced, or get creative in the kitchen with your chai. Chai apple crumble? Chai ice cream? Chai cocktails? Now we’re talking.

    Love Tea

    Love Tea has been serving up organic cups of well-being, uplifting communities and caring for the planet since 2006. With a naturopathy background, the founders’ decision to steer clear of artificial flavours, additives and pesticides came, well, naturally. As for their packaging: the box is completely recyclable, the pyramid tea bags are made from plant-based material and the clear pouch can even be thrown in your compost. We especially admire that Love Tea work directly with growers and small-scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source their ingredients. Not to mention, they also give back to not-for-profit organisations by participating in the 1% For the Planet movement. Frankly, we couldn’t be more in love with Love Tea.