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Lupin Rice

Turmeric and Coconut

An exotic spin on plain rice that is guaranteed to tantalise tastebuds. Serve it straight up as an accompaniment to meals or throw in a handful of other fresh goodies to create a stand-alone gluten free meal that packs a serious punch. With the added benefit of protein, fibre and prebiotics, this little bag is sure to become a pantry staples.

The benefits.

  • Helps to build muscle (protein in lupin)
  • Supports healthy digestion and gut health (fibre in lupin and rice)
  • Helps create and maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth (calcium and magnesium in lupin)
  • Protects cells from damage and is important for perception, memory and mood (manganese and iron in rice)

What goes in.

Basmati rice (71%), lupin flakes (21%), coconut (3%), spices (3%) and salt (1.5%) 

What's kept out.

Synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

Did you know?

Did you know that most seeds are grown on commercial farms using synthetic fertilisers and harsh pesticides? Seed plants must be left in the field for as long as possible, to allow the seeds to reach maturity before they’re harvested. But with more time, comes a higher risk of pests and disease, so farmers often rely on these chemicals to keep them at bay.


Proudly grown by Australian families in Western Australia 

Hot tip.


Just add 125ml of light coconut milk, 500ml cold water, 1 bay leaf (optional) and a pinch of salt.

The Lupin Co

The Lupin Co