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Protein +


A family-friendly formulation that's safe through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and from 12 months plus. Delivering a complete amino acid profile, in an easily digestible, delicious way with sprouted and fermented pea and rice protein for ultimate growth and development. Contains a supercharged array of probiotics, prebiotics, heathy fats and fibre too.

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The benefits.

  • One of the few sources that naturally contain all 20 amino acids (complete protein)
  • Helps to fight infection and boosts immune system (vitamin A and B12)
  • Contributes to mental performance and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B2 and B5 )
  • May contribute to a healthy heart and stable blood pressure (flavonoids — antioxidant)
  • Helps with energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth (phosphorus and calcium)

What goes in.

Protein Blend (Sprouted & Fermented Pea Protein*, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein*), Cacao Choc Blend (14%) (Cocoa*,Cacao*), Rice Milk*, Linseed Meal*, Natural Chocolate Flavour, Prebiotic Fibres (Apple Pectin, Inulin*), Aquamin Marine Minerals (Arctic Sea Algae*), Chia Seed Meal, Wholefood Vitamin & Mineral Blend (Curry Leaf*, Guava*, Lemon*, Amla*, Holy Basil*, Annatto*), Probiotic Ganeden BC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6068), Plant Based Sweetener (Thaumatin), White Button Mushroom*. *Certified Organic Ingredients

*certified organic

Perfect for 12 months+ when consumed in conjunction with a healthy and varied diet.

Allergen warning:

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk, fish, shellfish, crustacea, eggs, soy, tree nuts, lupin, and sesame.

What's kept out.

Artificial flavours, no preservatives, and sugar. 

Did you know?


Made in Australia from Australian grass feed cows and other imported ingredients. 

Hot Tip.

A family-friendly formulation that's safe through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and from 12 months +. Boost your smoothies, baked goods, snacks and breakfast foods with this impressive all-rounder. 

Add 1-2 heaped tbs (15g-30g) to your family’s smoothies, cereal or porridge. Sprinkle over yoghurt, ice-cream and sweet spreads. Use in muffins, biscuits and pancakes by adding to batter.

Wholesome Child

Wholesome Child was born out of a passion to help parents improve their family's nutrition with a back to basics, fad-free approach. Mandy Sacher, founder of Wholesome Child is a leading Australian Paediatric Nutritionist and Bestselling author. A mother of two, and as a single parent, she is no stranger to the juggle all parents face when it comes to balancing a busy schedule and still feeding their family well. Trained as a wholefood nutritionist and feeding specialist, Mandy has evolved her approach to provide parents with easy and achievable options to help their children thrive without requiring hours in the kitchen. From 4 ingredient, 5 minute, no-cook and supercharged recipes to wholefood boosters that you can simply sprinkle on pasta or a vegemite sandwich, Mandy is a big advocate of a no-guilt approach. From eating as a family whenever possible to always serving veggies in their visible state to help desensitise children - Mandy's approach is practical, achievable and guilt-free. We're so glad you stopped by and look forward to making a positive contribution to your family's nutrition journey.