Alg Seaweed

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Seed Bites

Cranberry Burst
4 Bites

With a little bit of chew and a heap of flavour, seedy bites combine the benefits and flavour of seeds, cranberries and iodine in seaweed. Kids adore them and adults devour them. Nut free, so a perfect addition to school lunches.

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The benefits.

  • Contributes to your thyroid health, energy creation and nervous system (iodine and vitamin B12)
  • Promotes the normal growth of children healthy digestion and gut health (iodine)
  • Contributes to your perception, memory and mood (iron)
  • Contributes to healthy bones, connective tissue and good psychological health (manganese and magnesium)

What goes in.

Sunflower seeds, pepitas, sesame seeds, tapioca soluble fibre, rice syrup, Alg Rainbow Seaweed TM [sea lettuce (ulva rigida), Tasmanian wakame (undaria pinnatifida), Atlantic nori (porphyra dioica), dulse (palmaria palmata), winged kelp (alaria esculenta)] (2%), Hemp Seeds, tahini, cranberries (2%), apricot, natural berry flavour. Contains sesame. 

What's kept out.

MSG, synthetic preservatives, refined sugars and artificial flavours.    

Did you know?

The majority of seaweed we eat, is derived from global supply chains that source it from potentially contaminated Asian waters. Knowing where your seaweed comes from is like knowing if your fruit is sprayed with pesticides or not. And because seaweed is a vital part of the oceans’ ecosystem, sourcing it responsibly is an important act of sustainability. 


Made in Australia

Hot Tip.

There are 4 bites in each packet, making it easy for sharing - spread out over the day without needing to deal with teeth marks. Plus, one bar will meet 60% of your iodine recommended daily intake!

Alg Seaweed

Alg Seaweed was created by a Melbourne dietitian Sarah Leung when she identified iodine deficiency needs more awareness. Seaweed is chosen for its abundance of nutrients such as iodine, an important mineral for the thyroid and children's brain development. It is sustainable to the environment and versatile in adding umami flavour to any meal. Her simple goal is to create nutritious, convenient and flavour-full seaweed products for her customers. Sarah looked far and wide to source the best quality seaweed for the products. In 2021, the Rainbow Seaweed is introduced, offering more flavour and vibrant colours to a range of condiments and snacks. Together with Tasmanian wakame, this seaweed blend also includes organically grown nori, sea lettuce, dulse and wild-harvested winged kelp. This combination is a winning source of iodine, magnesium, vitamin B12, iron and, an explosion of flavour.