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Sprouted Botanical Clusters

Hibiscus, Lemon Blueberry

A botanical blend that will have you jumping out of bed for. Dried Hibiscus flowers add a zesty sour flavour which pairs perfectly with organic dried blueberries and organic cold pressed lemon oil. Added beetroot powder gives these clusters a beautiful rosy colour. A stunning way to start your day.

The benefits.

  • Can assist with colon health due to resistance starch (non-digestible fibre in buckwheat)
  • May assist in promoting heart health (copper and magnesium in buckwheat)
  • Buckinis  may help fight cardiovascular disease (polyphenols - antioxidants in cacao powder)
  • Assists in keeping your heart healthy and is a rich source of energy (monounsaturated fats in nuts and seeds)
  • Helps keep skin and hair healthy via haemoglobin and collagen formation (copper in nuts and seeds)

What goes in.

Organic sprouted buckwheat, organic pepitas, organic maple syrup, organic coconut flakes, organic sprouted cashew nuts, organic dried blueberries (blueberries, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil) [4%], organic puffed quinoa, organic puffed brown rice, organic beetroot powder, hibiscus flowers [1%] and organic cold-pressed lemon oil [1%].

What's kept out.

Added sugar or preservatives.  

Did you know?

Did you know that when you buy muesli from the supermarket, you might be buying into hidden health traps? Even the healthiest-looking muesli can be loaded with added sugar. To avoid confusion, check the label to make sure you’re only buying cereals made from whole foods.


Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Hot tip.

Looking for a guilt-free mid-afternoon snack? Add ½ cup of these hibiscus, lemon and blueberry clusters to ¾ cup of your favourite milk and gently heat on the stovetop.

Food to Nourish

Nutritionist, Danielle Minnebo co-founded Food to Nourish with Natasja Jirwander in 2013 when she identified a gap in the market for genuinely healthy gluten free foods. Danielle is the mastermind behind all of the product creations and she’ll test and test a recipe until she knows she’s onto a good thing! Danielle’s nutrition background allows her to create products that both taste good but are also made with integrity using quality wholefood ingredients. Natasja Jirwander is the creative genius behind our vibrant, stunning and unique labels. Each of our labels is drawn by hand by Natasja and draws inspiration from the beautiful organic ingredients we use in our products.