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Whey Protein Concentrate

Vanilla Bean

Aromatic vanilla beans are infused with creamy whey protein to create this versatile blend. Easily digestible and ideal for anyone; whether you are an extreme athlete or just a vegetarian wanting to up your protein intake. Ideal for lean muscle development and weight management.


The benefits.

  • One of the few sources that naturally contain all 20 amino acids (complete protein)
  • Helps to fight infection and boosts immune system (vitamin A and B12)
  • Contributes to mental performance and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B2 and B5 )
  • May contribute to a healthy heart and stable blood pressure (flavonoids — antioxidant)
  • Helps with energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth (phosphorus and calcium)

What goes in.

NZ grass-fed whey protein isolate, vanilla bean, *stevia extract, non-GMO soy lecithin (0.1% for mixing)

*certified organic

What's kept out.

Artificial flavours, no preservatives and sugar. 

Did you know?


Made in Australia from New Zealand grass feed cows and other imported ingredients. 

Hot Tip.

Perfect to consume after exercise for muscle recovery, or to add to smoothies/recipes as a meal. Not recommend to have more than two servings a day unless training vigorously. Shake or blend 30g (4 level tbsp) in your liquid/smoothie of choice.

Bare Blends

Bare Blends info coming soon...