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Biscuits, anyone? Rosella is a wholegrain stone-milled biscuit wheat with a tempting buttery, honey-like flavour, a soft and fluffy texture and delicate crumb. A bit like plain flour, but much better for you.

    The benefits.

    • Helps protect cells, supports energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth (manganese and phosphorus)
    • Contributes to mental and emotional well-being and promotes heart, immune system and nervous system health (vitamin B1, B3 and B6)
    • Assists in digestive health and healthy weight maintenance (fibre)
    • May protect eyes from damage and degeneration (lutein and zeaxanthin - antioxidant)

    What goes in.

    Organic flour.

    What's kept out.

    Herbicides, fillers and preservatives.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that commercial wheat crops are often sprayed with glyphosate — the main ingredient in RoundUp — right before harvest? This herbicide can make its way into food products, increasing our risk of health concerns like negatively affecting our good gut bacteria. The moral of the story? Always opt for organically farmed flours.


    Naturally grown and stone-milled in Berigan, NSW.

    Hot tip.

    Don’t bother using any other flour for your homemade biscuits, pastries and scones.

    Woodstock Flour

    Every good cook knows that good flour makes all the difference. And no one knows that better than Woodstock Farm, the fourth-generation Certified Organic business in the Southern Riverina. Run by a husband and wife duo, Woodstock Farm sits on 2000 lush acres in New South Wales, growing wheat, rye, spelt, khorasan and oats, while being surrounded by roaming cows and sheep. The hero of these crops is their signature flour, which they produce through regenerative farming principles to ensure the highest quality wholegrain flour while being kind to the land. Just one example of this is their experiments with no-kill and pasture cropping techniques that help restore the soils. Naturally, they’ve ensured their packaging is made with 100% recycled paper and is biodegradable, too.