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Sourdough Pasta
Wholewheat Penne

Sweet, nutty, and nutrient-rich, with a beautiful depth of flavour that comes from consuming the whole grain. Penne is a true Italian classic. We like it with tomato and basil sauce or puttanesca.

The benefits.

  • Helps protect cells from damage and supports energy creation (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Assists in muscle growth and maintenance (protein)
  • Helps to promote good psychological health and maintains muscles, bones and teeth (magnesium)
  • Assists in energy needs, mental performance and reduces tiredness (vitamin B1 and B3)

What goes in.

Certified sustainable stoneground durum wheat flour, certified sustainable whole-wheat flour and sourdough starter.

What's kept out.

Salt, sugar, preservatives and pesticides.

Did you know?

Did you know that to produce vast quantities of wheat, most commercial growers rely on heavy use of pesticides? This ends up in the crop, which ends up in the home, where it’s eventually ingested by unsuspecting families.


Lovingly made in Goolhi, NSW.


The team at Berkelo are here to create real food for their community. And it doesn’t get more real than traditional sourdough bread. It’s bread the way it’s supposed to be. Berkelo also makes nourishing, seasonal foods that accompany their sourdough. This vision is brought to life through a commitment to working with sustainable and organic ingredients. Berkelo uses ASP certified sustainable flour from Wholegrain Milling Co., who mill slowly and at cooler temperatures to preserve the essential enzymes and nutrients. Founder Tom Eadie is a committed conservationist and Berkelo aims to always use recyclable or compostable packaging. This is wholesome food for food lovers who want to make better health choices.