Your $49 annual membership (just $4.00 per month) allows us to keep prices up to 30% lower than other retailers. By the time you’ve spent around $190 on your everyday shop, you should have covered the cost of your membership in savings.

Your membership will automatically renew after 12 months unless you change your mind. You will also receive a reminder email a day before your 21-day free trial ends.

Becoming a P&P member gives you access to our handpicked selection of premium, organic & healthy staples at discounted prices.

Instead of running between multiple retailers, you choose from our curated online store and receive everything in one parcel, right to your doorstep!

So you don’t have to work hard to keep on top of your household staples, we have done the homework. Researching and partnering with outstanding & ethical brands, so your ‘everyday shop’ can be good for your wellbeing, wallet, and the planet.

P&P’s membership model allows us to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Why? We stay afloat on your membership and not on product margins, unlike conventional retail.

In turn, our products are curated solely on their merits, not their margins, and you can rely on the integrity of our product selection. We stock what's best for you, not us.

This guarantee is our way of ensuring you receive the full value of your annual membership. We’re so confident in your membership saving you money that if you don’t make back your annual fee in savings, we’ll give you the difference in the form of store credit.

Each membership covers a single household. Because we rely on memberships to stay afloat, our business model simply wouldn't be sustainable if people used a single membership for multiple households. We could no longer offer premium products at reasonable prices.

If you plan to travel, have a second dwelling or simply move house, you can always update your delivery details. 

If you want to purchase products as a gift and send your order to the recipient's address, please be in touch at We’ll explain some options for this.

Absolutely. You can cancel anytime via your account login. However, the $49 membership fee is non-refundable. Cancelling means we will not renew your membership, and you will no longer be able to shop with P&P.

If you change your mind, please email us, and we will reactivate the remainder of your annual membership.

We calculate ‘savings’ against each product’s recommended retail price (RRP). The majority of the time, the brand sets this price. If they haven’t, we simply average three prices set by other retailers. We audit these numbers frequently to ensure they remain up to date.

Not at all! You shouldn’t have to load up like a doomsday prepper to get a fair price. Because, more often than not, bulk buying leads to pantries filled with expired goods. That’s wasted money and resources, especially for apartment dwellers or single-person households. Instead, we invite you to become a P&P member and save without the bulk.

We believe that healthy claims need healthy scepticism. And that not all healthy products are created equal. That’s why we select our products with a fine-tooth comb.

Before any item hits our shelves, we look beyond the packaging and put it to the test – researching every ingredient, health claim and customer review. Not to mention carefully testing the product’s quality for ourselves.

Take our choice of muesli. It might seem similar to those sold at health-food stores, but we’ve done our homework. Ours is lower in carbs and sugars, higher in polyunsaturated fats, and contains a more diverse range of organic ingredients.

These are details we think are need-to-know, not nice-to-know.

Our philosophy is to keep things simple by offering a curated selection of products. In today's overwhelming market of options, it’s almost impossible to individually research every product available, even for the most ardent shopper. So we do the hard yards for you, eliminating the tyranny of choice. It’s our pleasure and passion to put in the extra work to separate the organic, stone-ground wheat from the ordinary chaff.

P&P delivers the right goods, at the right price, right to your door.
  • Affordable. Our prices are up to 30% less than other retailers.Saving you $30-50 each shop.
  • Healthy. Not all health products are created equal. So, we look beyond the packaging to present only the healthiest of foods.
  • Curated. Considering the integrity of every ingredient, coupled with the ethical & sustainable practices of each brand, we only present products that meet the highest standards. We do the hard yards of research, so you don't have to.
  • Convenient. We save you time. In research, on the road, loading trolleys and unloading boots. We take care of the bulky, heavy items and deliver them to your doorstep.

Around 90% of our products are Certified Organic or Certified Demeter Biodynamic (farmed in a holistic and ethical way). As for the remaining 10% and why these aren’t organic, reasons include: 

- A farmer hasn’t received certification due to time and cost. Certification is expensive, and many farmers are too small to invest in this. Once we chat with them, we have confidence that their farming practices meet the highest standards.

- When a product has multiple ingredients, and not all are organic, the product is not legally allowed to say organic. In these cases, we make sure most ingredients are organic.

Aussie grown, Aussie made & Aussie owned are top priorities when curating products. When we hop across the pond, it’s not a decision we take lightly. Sometimes it simply makes more sense to partner with an international brand. Like when:

- A product isn’t produced here in Australia, or

- Quality of an international brand can’t be matched (yet) by our local options, or

- The overseas brand is outstanding for what they produce and the work they do. 

Take our apple cider vinegar. Braggs hasn’t just been making premium vinegar since 1912; they have an entire foundation purely dedicated to health education. By representing the Braggs of the world, we hope to set a higher standard at home and bring awareness to what is possible. That is brands with values as wholesome as their products.

Yes. Below we’ve listed ingredients that we refuse to carry. Please note this is an evolving list that we consistently update.

- Preservatives. Any numbers, but some of the key ones include preservative 223 (otherwise known as Sodium Metabisulphite), sodium nitrite 250 and sodium nitrate 251, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene).

- Sorbates

- Sulphites

- Artificial colours

- Processed sugar

- High-fructose corn syrup

- GMO foods

- Hydrogenated fats (trans fats)

- Bleached flour

- Non-GMO industrial seed oils

Sometimes other sites will have specials or promote a new brand to raise awareness. When this occurs, you might see a cheaper price temporarily. However, this is short-lived and savings on Part&Parce are available every day.

No. We provide discounts on all of our products, every day. There are no gimmicks and, therefore, no best price guarantees.

We love hearing about what you love. After all, you have sublime taste as a P&P member! Email us at, and we’ll review your recommendation to see if it meets our sourcing standards.

In most cases, yes! We restock most items that are sold out, and you can sign up to be notified when they are back in stock. Do this by clicking on the "Remind me when it's back" button on the product page.

We choose our suppliers for what they make. And the difference they are making.

You can spot a P&P supplier from a proudly raised chin. Farmers engaged in sustainable farming practices. A coffee company sourcing from female growers in developing countries to empower women. Natural beauty bars preventing millions of plastic bottles from being made and thrown away. From off-grid honey-making facilities to compostable chocolate bar wrappers, our partners' list of contributions to the world is both long and humbling.

We are regularly reviewing new products. When we discover a new and improved product that better serves our member's needs, it will replace an existing product. This approach is consistent with our philosophy to keep things simple by offering a curated and limited selection of products.

Other times circumstances change. For example, a brand we stock might change ownership, alter its approach to sourcing, or change the ingredients used. If this compromises quality or ethics, the brand will be replaced

As ethics sit at the core of our business, sustainability is naturally a high priority. Take, for example, our parcel packaging...

First, we re-purpose the packaging & boxes that we receive from our suppliers.  Next, we source boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. The protection paper inside? That’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable too. We even use an eco-friendly kraft paper-based ‘sticky tape’ to seal our parcels. So you can conveniently recycle the box, tape and all.

These steps might seem small, but a little recycled cardboard goes a long way when there are lots of parcels to pack.

It’s important that your parcel arrives in one piece because to resend damaged stock doubles our carbon footprint. So if our team requires a little more packaging, we comfortably do this knowing that all our packaging material is recyclable.

Our appetite for eco-conscious practices is second only to our hunger for healthy food. We’re committed to growing a sustainable company from top to bottom. And that means working towards a future where our supplier’s 100% plastic-free products are stored in our green-powered warehouse and delivered with electric vans: that’s the goal, anyway.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to educate Australians by representing and introducing brands that are making the planet a better place.

From treehouse to cave mouth, we aim to deliver to as many address inside Australia.

Please note, steep price changes to Aust Post rates have unfortunately made it financially impossible, to send parcels to parts of the Territory and northern Western Australia.

Please contact us via for a quote.

We are on a mission to consolidate your shopping and shipping, into one delivery.

Which we believe is better for your wallet, the planet, and you.

Rather than buying your favourite healthy pantry staples and low tox household goods from multiple shops or websites, we stock all the best products, made by the best people, in the one place. We deliver to almost every corner of this big island continent (in plastic-free and post-consumer recycled packaging, by the way). 

If there’s a product we don’t stock that you think we should to help you consolidate your online ordering and shipping even more, then please drop us an email ( 

We value your time and your money, and we want you to spend as much of it doing the things you love with the people you love.

Flat Fee Shipping

We offer flat fee shipping for parcels up to 15kg

Standard Delivery

Express Delivery

  • Metro $16.00

* Perth charged at regional standard prices

** Including Tasmania + Northern Rivers

Above 15kg

Add $8.50 for metro, regional standard, regional plus and rural.  

Add $12.50 for rural plus. 

Please note that a postcode may change to a different shipping zone based on Australian Post updating their shipping zones. 

* Perth is charged at regional prices as determined by couriers.
** Tasmania is charged a flat fee as determined by couriers.
*** Rural Plus covers remote areas and is charged an additional $12.50 due to distance.

Currently, we send orders out within 24 hours of receiving it.

Please note, orders placed over the weekend might take 24-48 hours to leave our warehouse. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, your parcel might be sent out Tuesday.

We are working hard to tighten this timeframe.

Standard Delivery

Metro 2-5 Business Days

Regional 2-7 Business Days

Rural & Remote 3-10 Business Days

Express Delivery

Metro 1-3 Business Days

Regional 1-4 Business Days

Once we send your order, you will receive a delivery confirmation email that will include a tracking link. After three business days, if you have not received this email, please let us know at

Yes. At checkout, simply tick the ‘Authority to Leave*’ box. We trust partner couriers with all our parcels. If their driver considers your location unsafe or inaccessible, a notification card will be left, and your parcel will be safely waiting at your nearest post office.

* Note: Choosing this option means you're liable if your Parcel is misplaced, damaged or stolen. We recommend learning more about what is considered a safe place. Read the terms & conditions here.

* Note: Choosing this option means you're liable if your Parcel is misplaced, damaged or stolen. We recommend learning more about what is considered a safe place. Read the terms & conditions here.

Mistakes may happen. If your product is damaged, faulty or you believe your order is incorrect, please email us as soon as possible at Please include the following info:
Your Name:
Your Parcel # Number:
The Product Name & SKU:

Express shipping is available for all orders.

We utilise several couriers based on your location. Most deliveries are sent via Aus Post. Couriers Please, Amarax and TNT are also used.

Larger orders may come in multi-piece shipments depending on the weight and products contained. We do this to keep shipping costs to a minimum, and protect the integrity of the order and the contents inside! Although they leave our warehouse on the same day, sometimes one or more is delayed in the shipping process. The rest is on its way and should be with you in the next few days.

Of course, we will accommodate your change if possible. The quickest way to get in touch is to email

Please include your Parcel # and let us know what changes you would like. Unfortunately, if your Parcel has been processed, we will not be able to change or cancel your order. We will be sure to let you know either way.

If you haven't received an order confirmation email, it is likely because:

- Your order was never actually placed and processed, or

- You have entered an incorrect email address with your order

If you are certain that the email address linked to your order is correct, please check your junk mail folder. If you still cannot locate the email, please be in touch, and we will look into it right away at

Mistakes may happen. If your product is damaged, faulty, or you believe your order is wrong, please email us as soon as possible at Please include the following info:

Your Name:

Your Parcel #:

Product Name & SKU: