Changing the way we shop.

For good.

No matter what your postcode, we deliver an ethical selection of healthy household staples at up to 30% off RRP. 

All Australians deserve to eat well and shop ethically. But between overwhelming options and unsustainable prices, knowing what to choose, even for the most ardent shopper, is a full-time research project. Well, at least it has been for Part&Parcel.

Before any item hits our virtual shelves, we research every ingredient, health-benefit claim and customer review. Not to mention carefully testing the product’s quality for ourselves. When we choose a brand, it isn’t just because they make a wonderful product. They also need to make it wonderfully. In the case of our tea supplier, they not only use organic ingredients but also source them directly from farmers, pay fair-trade prices and donate to charity.

Through our membership model, we can offer these premium products at the lowest possible price. In fact, for as little as $4.00 a month, our members save around $30-50 on every shop. And, instead of running around multiple retailers, our members can order at home and receive everything in one parcel, right to their doorstep.

So, whether it’s the knowledge that your olive oil has been cold pressed to maintain its antioxidant properties or that your flour has been stone ground to retain its nutrients, we empower our members to make confident purchases.

When you add it all up, we think it’s fair to say our deliveries come packed with even more than what’s inside the parcel.

So please take a look around at our handpicked selection of quality products. We’re proud to have them in our pantry, and we know you will be too. 


Ours is a simple story.

Almost a cliché. We wanted something that didn’t exist. So, we built it ourselves. Call it a leap of faith. Or call it crazy…

As working parents, maintaining a healthy home for our young family was a daily challenge - it required so much effort - researching products we could trust, discovering just the right thing, only to gasp at the price. Often we would end up making compromised choices just because it was easier & cheaper. 

But one day, navigating through the supermarket “health food” section, a sense of despair set in. Aisles of sugar-laden junk marketed as “healthy”. Endless shelves of unconsciously packaged plastic crap. It may have been the blinding fluro lights, but we had a lightbulb moment…


  • A shopping experience that is calm & simple. Enjoyable even! 
  • Shelves brimming with only the good stuff, curated by someone you trust, like a friend. 
  • Farming, sustainability & ethical practices have all been researched. 
  • Health Benefits, carefully considered. 
  • Local products are prioritised. But so are brands that are doing good in the world. 
  • And these premium, organic products are actually affordable! 
  • And, the pièce de résistance? No more trolley pushing & boot loading, because these heavy goods are conveniently delivered to your doorstep... in plastic-free packaging!

And so began our new venture. Daniel threw himself into a three-year stint of passionate health and product research. And Lia, head first into designing, photographing and shaping the shopping experience we dreamt about.  

Part&Parcel was conceived soon after the birth of our second son, and born into an incredibly uncertain time. With Melbourne in lockdowns and kids home most of the year, our simple story has undoubtedly been one of deep commitment and, as they say, blood, sweat and tears.

We invite you to join our community and follow our journey. So we can continue bringing you thoughtfully curated, genuinely healthy, affordable organic & natural products, effortlessly and beautifully, right to your doorstep.