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Tiger Nut Milk
Barista Organic
1 Litre

Creamy, nutty and smooth - this Barista Tiger Nut Milk is the plant milk you can count on to deliver a fiercely delicious coffee. And, it has the lowest water footprint and climate footprint - Bonus!

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The benefits.

  • Aids digestion and slows the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream (fibre in tiger nuts)
  • Helps to build muscle (protein in tiger nuts and faba bean protein)
  • May help reduce inflammation (monounsaturated fats in olive oil)
  • Helps keep your nervous system functioning and your muscles strong (potassium and magnesium in tiger nuts)
  • Contributes to the normal function of cells and energy, and helps to reduce tiredness (iron and phosphorus in tiger nuts)

What goes in.

Water, tiger nuts (12%), Australian olive oil, demerara sugar, faba bean protein, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorous), sea salt, vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B12). 

What's kept out.

Gluten, dairy and soy

Did you know?

Madame Tiger's Barista Tiger Nut milk happens to be the most sustainable milk to pair with your coffee. That's right, lowest water footprint and lowest climate footprint. 


Tiger nuts are grown in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Hot tip.

Madame Tiger

Madame Tiger strives to bring you healthy, sustainable food and drink options using the superfood, Tiger Nuts. Madame Tiger is a brand that was born out of a passion for healthy food and obsessively tinkering around with recipes involving weird and wonderful ingredients. Laura was first introduced to tiger nuts by her father in law. Tiger nuts were a staple in his diet growing up in Mali, West Africa as a snack food, a flour for cooking and a milk product. They started sharing this new superfood find with family and friends, the more we shared it, the more it became obvious that the health and sustainability creds of tiger nuts were almost too good to be true, and they needed to somehow introduce these little gems to the Australian market.