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Bone Broth Body Glue


Keep your gut happy with this gut-loving tonic. Overflowing with beneficial bacteria to balance gut flora, Populate is a must-have for anyone struggling with gut health. Bonus points - it’s also ultra-effective at supporting thyroid function and increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and tastes amazing!

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The benefits.

  • Supports skin elasticity and moisture, hair growth and strong nails (collagen)
  • Helps create and maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium)
  • May assist with arthritis, joints, and muscle repair (anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function ( iodine in wakame flakes
  • Promotes healthy gut function and loaded with beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes (probiotics in apple cider vinegar and miso). 

What goes in.

Grass-fed beef bones, naturally evaporated sea salt, miso/organic fermented soybean paste (certified organic biodynamic white rice, certified organic biodynamic brown rice and Australian sea salt), organic apple cider vinegar, organic wakame flakes

What's kept out.

Glucose, sugars, gluten and soy.

Did you know?

Did you know many commercial bone broths are hiding ingredients like glucose, sugar, gluten and soy? These are highly inflammatory and high in omega-6 fatty acids; bad news when it comes to maintaining an ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


Carefully made on the Gold Coast.

Hot tip.

39 serves | Makes 9.75L 

Sip your way to better gut health -  mix a spoonful into a mug of hot water and improved gut health is just a sip away. Elevate your favourite soups and Asian dishes Use Populate as the broth base for Ramen bowls, Pho, and any other Asian soup or noodle dish. Simply add 1tsp (or more to taste) to each cup of water. 

    Gevity RX

    The name says it all, Gevity means longevity, and RX means prescription. Founders Atlanta and Mark started Gevity RX out of necessity when Atlanta’s health started suffering from extreme exhaustion, mood swings, crippling anxiety, and panic attacks. With countless hours working through the why, leaky gut, they then had to discover the prescription. Thankfully, they had a small food business at the time so for the next several months they started experimenting and refitting equipment to develop a completely unique and highly concentrated version of a traditional bone broth. Containing literally nothing other than nutrients from quality bones, plus salt- no meat, no veg and barely any water. This resulted in a super super thick glue-like substance that they nicknamed Atlanta’s Body Glue™ and this “glue” helped Atlanta reseal her gut lining and stop inflammation that was crippling the rest of her body. The unique consistency came from the extremely high collagen content which was over 1000% or 10x higher than a traditional liquid bone broth. However, that is only part of the story, as Gevity RX is also centred around the belief that health should be about concentrating on improving your inner health and that in turn improves your longevity - we are very proud to be stocking Gevity RX on our virtual shelves.