Byron Bay Coffee Company
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Organic Decaf Espresso
Ground | Plunger

Wake up with the rich, full-bodied taste of this single origin espresso. Expertly roasted with no bitterness, it’s decaffeinated using the mountain water process and is certified mycotoxin (mould) free.

The benefits.

  • Effectively disarms free radicals and prevents oxidative stress (polyphenols — antioxidants)
  • Supports the body's energy supply and mental performance (vitamin B2 and B3)
  • May help to promote good psychological health and maintain muscles bones and teeth (magnesium)

What goes in.

100% arabica beans.

What's kept out.

GMO ingredients, pesticides.

Did you know?

Did you know that tiny fungi called mycotoxins have been found in some commercial coffee? These mycotoxins have been linked to brain cell damage, hypertension and kidney disease. All from your morning cup. Why take the risk?


Expertly roasted, blended and packed in Byron Bay, Australia.

Byron Bay Coffee Company

You might say that Franco and Annie, founders of the Byron Bay Coffee Company, have coffee running through their veins. With over 30 years of expertise in the coffee industry, they originally began with 12 acres of land in the Byron Bay hinterland that they turned into a coffee plantation and hobby farm. Franco learned the fine art of roasting and blending the beans while Annie took care of the business side of things.

These days, they ethically source their 100% Arabica green coffee beans from only the best coffee-growing regions around the world, ensuring excellent quality and complex, full-bodied flavours. Together with their team, they are focused on helping everyone to get the most out of their coffee experience.