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Full Dispenser Bottle
Wool Delicate

The laundry liquid dispenser bottle that will have you thinking, “why has no one thought of this yet?” Use one hand to dispense the exact amount for your washing load, with no spills or wastage. Buy and refill forever. # Note - bottle comes full with detergent. Made for washing wools, silk and precious fabrics and is 8x eco concentrated and plant-based.

The benefits.

  • Full with laundry detergent  
  • 33 loads per bag (approximately $0.331 per wash)
  • Buy once and reuse
  • Designed to look good in your laundry

What goes in.

Glass bottle, two drop-proof silicone sleeves and plastic pump.

What's kept out.

Excess plastic.

Did you know?

Did you know a standard 500ml laundry detergent bottle contains approximately 150g of virgin plastic? Meanwhile, this dispenser bottle weighs in at just 15g of packaging, made mostly of aluminium. Dirt estimates this equates to 90% less plastic per load than your average laundry detergent bottle. When you consider how much washing your family accumulates each week, just imagine what this small change could make to our environment.


Made in Melbourne.

The Dirt Company

It’s 2016 and Frankie, Josh, Tom and Bill are wondering why they have to wash their clothes with detergent that’s ridiculously expensive, riddled with synthesised chemicals, housed in plastic and doesn’t particularly work that well. So, they set out on a mission to make laundry products that do less harm — and do their job. They formulated a solution using pure and powerful ingredients, then designed a minimal bottle to store it in. The Dirt Company delivers an innovative, useful and thoughtful laundry essential that’s good for the earth, and will sit damn pretty on the washing machine. Even better, they donate 50% of profits to The Ocean Cleanup, an organisation that cleans up (and diverts) plastic from our oceans.