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Sandalwood Jasmine - Pure Castile

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Warm, woody and floral. If you close your eyes, it’s like showering in the great outdoors. Based on a traditional Castile soap recipe, this bar is made with coconut and hemp oils for a luxurious, moisturising wash.

    The benefits.

    • Lathers naturally, cleanses and protects skin (antibacterial properties)
    • Helps smooth and soothe dry and irritated skin (monounsaturated fats)
    • Helps ease eczema and psoriasis (anti-inflammatory properties)
    • Helps protect against skin cell degeneration, delaying the appearance of aging (antioxidants)

    What goes in.

    Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, sodium hydroxide*, water, natural sandalwood jasmine fragrance, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, sea salt, citric acid, tocopherol. None remains after saponifying oils into soap & glycerin.

    What's kept out.

    Added fragrances, synthetic preservatives or foaming agents.

    Did you know?

    Did you know many commercial personal and household cleaning products list sodium lauryl sulphate as a main ingredient? This is a detergent and foaming agent that dries out skin and cause irritation. A “foam-fresh” feeling, but at what cost?


    Born in the USA.

    Hot tip.

    It’s so clean and gentle — why stop at your body? This soap is made for washing your hair, face and skin. The ultimate top-to-toe wash.

    Dr Bronner's

    You may not expect a 150-year-old company to be setting the bar on corporate ethics, but Dr. Bronner’s is no ordinary company. This family-owned and run business has been making socially and environmentally responsible soaps of the highest quality from day one – and then dedicating their profits to help make a better world. Pioneers of organic personal-care products in the US, supporters of animal advocacy organisations, and creators of fair-trade projects across the world to ensure the just treatment of farmers and workers? We think Saint Bronner’s would be a more accurate description.