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Penne Rigate
Durum Wheat Semolina

Grown and harvested in an Italian monastery, this classic fusilli pasta adheres to very traditional ingredients and methods. It contains only durum wheat and water, is long-dried, then wrapped in paper. A premium, home-style staple.

The benefits.

  • Supports energy creation and maintains healthy bones and teeth (manganese and phosphorus in wheat)
  • Helps protect your cells from free radical damage and contributes to normal thyroid function (copper and selenium in wheat)
  • Assists in muscle growth and maintenance (protein in wheat)

What goes in.

Organic durum wheat semolina, water.

What's kept out.

Salt, sugar, preservatives and pesticides.

Did you know?

Did you know that to produce vast quantities of wheat, most commercial growers rely on heavy use of pesticides? This ends up in the crop, which ends up in the home, where it’s eventually ingested by unsuspecting families.


Grown in the hills of Montefeltro.

Nutritional Information.


Girolomoni has a history as wholesome as its food. Over 40 years ago, in the Italian region of Isola del Piano, Mayor Gino Girolomoni founded a company called Alce Nero, alongside his wife Tullia and five others. Their mission was simple: to produce food with love. Food that is grown organically and farmed sustainably, without chemical substances. Food that prioritises the land and its people, above all else. These values were ingrained in Gino and his business partners; Gino himself was deeply passionate about ancient farming and organic agriculture, thanks to his childhood in the Italian countryside. Many years later, Alce Nero would be renamed the Gino Girolomoni Agricultural Co-Op in honour of its founder. While Gino has now passed, his legacy continues through the Girolomoni brand.