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Dishwashing Tablets
Activated Charcoal
30 Tablets

Using activated charcoal, this fantastic eco dishwasher tablets naturally target tough stains to leave your dishes (and your conscience) clean. Now with even more added enzymes to naturally break down food. The added rinse aid action and protection against limescale will leave your machine running smoothly.

The benefits.

  • Plastic free
  • Concentrated
  • No phosphates
  • Vegan, cruelty free & no palm oil
  • Septic & grey water safe
  • Recycled compostable packaging

What goes in.

Sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium silicate, sodium per carbonate, nonioinic surfactants, activated charcoal powder, protease, amylase, orange oil.

What's kept out.

Phosphates, zeolites and harsh surfactants.

Did you know?

Did you know that phosphates — a common ingredient in dishwashing powders — can pollute our waterways? The run-off is highly dangerous to aquatic plants and marine life. When it comes to humans, phosphates have been known to lead to kidney damage and osteoporosis.


Made with love in Australia.

Hot tip.

Use one tablet per wash. Do not unwrap. Insert into the dispensing draw. We're yet to meet one they don't fit!


Avril, Gillian and Louise, three Aussie sisters who love science and the environment. They believe the products we use should be plastic free, have a low carbon imprint, environmentally friendly and work. That's why they formed Ecyo. The mission is simple. They want to remove single use plastic from the planet, reduce carbon in the atmosphere and lessen waste anxiety, one household at a time. Ecyo products are not just tested in their laboratory, but in their homes as well.