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Freeze Dried Berries

These sweet-smelling Moreton Bay strawberries are a crispy, crunchy flavour explosion. Freshly picked on the farm, they’re freeze-dried to retain their immunity boosting Vitamin C. With nothing else added, this is 100% real fruit.

The benefits.

  • Aids the immune system (vitamin C)
  • Supports optimal immune function and energy supply (iron)
  • Contributes to mental performance and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B5)
  • Helps to protect your body from cell damage due to free radicals (myricetin — antioxidants)
  • May contribute to a healthy heart and stable blood pressure (flavonoids — antioxidant and B6)

What goes in.

100% Australian strawberries.

What's kept out.

No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. 

Did you know?

Did you know most of the commercially made, so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are loaded with as much sugar as a chocolate bar? Having too much sugar in your diet can cause a range of unfavourable issues from sugar crashes and weight gain to increased risk of heart disease. 


Locally grown and packed - from Moreton Bay and Granite Beltto to Bundaberg, Byron Bay and Tasmania.

Hot tip.

Perfect for on the run, picnic, or lunchboxConsume immediately after opening for the ultimate crunch.

My Berries

My Berries is a family business through and through. Born out of directors Allison and Stuart's awareness around what food was available for their children to eat. Like most families they wanted their children to eat food that was safe. Food that was locally grown. But most commercial supermarkets care more about the appearance of food than the quality. And so many high-quality berries are wasted because they don’t look a certain way. My Berries changes that. By freezing perfectly ripe, flavourful berries, Allison and Stuart are able to massively reduce wastage and provide healthy snacks to the wider community.