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Dental Floss Adults
Charcoal Infused
40 Picks

Charcoal-infused floss thread slides easily between the teeth and provides the detoxifying and antibacterial benefits of charcoal. Made from tear-proof and shred-proof material, and from 100% recycled plastic - a great way to take care of your teeth and gums whilst caring for the environment.

The benefits.

  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Infused with charcoal for powerful anti-septic properties. 
  • Premium luxurious floss that doesn't hurt gums
  • Resistant from tearing/threading
  • BPA & PVC free

What goes in.

100% recycled plastic handle, premium UHMW PE floss thread, and charcoal-infused. 

What's kept out.

Fluoride, artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Did you know?

Did you know that adding an extra step of flossing to your oral care routine can reduce tooth decay and gum disease? Flossing removes plaque and prevents germs from growing on your teeth. Grin makes it easy to look after your teeth and gums while caring for the environment.


Proudly designed in New Zealand and responsibly made in China.

Hot tip.

Dispose of your floss picks correctly:

Floss handle
Please dispose of these floss picks via your local upcycling scheme.

Floss thread
Remove the floss from the handle and dispose of it with your usual household rubbish (we suggest using scissors to snip it off).

The container and paper wrappers can be recycled with your curbside paper recycling.


This NZ company began in 2013 when its founders were unable to find a toothpaste on the market without any added chemicals. So, they made their own. Grin sets itself apart from the competition by not using harsh chemicals. What gets left out? There’s no sodium lauryl sulfate, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavours, no fragrance and no harsh abrasives. It’s better for you, your family and your smile. Grin uses the natural active ingredients of Manuka Oil, Propolis and Organic Sea Salt to combat the six common oral bacteria types.