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Cool Mint

Put a smile on your dial, and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean with extracts of real spearmint, peppermint and fennel in this natural toothpaste. It also utilises the antibacterial cleansing qualities of propolis and manuka oil.

The benefits.

  • Free from SLS, Triclosan, Parabens, artificial flavours or sweeteners.
  • A natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (Manuka oil).
  • Assist in reducing swelling and sores inside the mouth (propolis)
  • Helps eliminate bad breath and gum diseases (natural herbal extracts)
  • Helps to prevent plaque build-up with regular brushing (xylitol).

What goes in.

Calcium carbonate, glycerine (palm-free from rapeseed), aqua (water), xylitol, lauryl glucoside (palm-free from coconut), chondrus crispus (carrageenan) gum, xanthan Gum, foeniculum vulgare dulce (fennel) extract, menthol, spearmint flavour, clove flavour, propolis cera (propolis) extract, copper chlorophyllin, peppermint oil, organic nz sea salt, leptospermum scoparium oil - manuka oil pure

Contains minerals: calcium, and sodium.

What's kept out.

Sodium lauryl sulphate (sls, a chemical foaming agent used by many big brands), artificial preservatives (edta, formaldehyde, parabens etc.), artificial colors, flavors or fragrances, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners or saccharin

Did you know?

Did you know Grin natural toothpastes leave out SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)? This chemical compound does not actually clean teeth- its sole purpose is to produce foam, which gives the impression of cleaning SLS is commonly be found in other foaming products, such as car wash detergents, toilet cleaning detergents, and shower gels. For some people exposure to SLS causes canker sores and mouth ulcers.


Proudly made in New Zealand.


This NZ company began in 2013 when its founders were unable to find a toothpaste on the market without any added chemicals. So, they made their own. Grin sets itself apart from the competition by not using harsh chemicals. What gets left out? There’s no sodium lauryl sulfate, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavours, no fragrance and no harsh abrasives. It’s better for you, your family and your smile. Grin uses the natural active ingredients of Manuka Oil, Propolis and Organic Sea Salt to combat the six common oral bacteria types.