Blue Dinosaur
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Hand Baked Bite
Berry Coconut

Strawberries, blueberries and acai berries combined with the caramel flavour of dates and the creamy flavour of coconut. It tastes like strawberry jam spread on a fresh coconut – perfect for school lunches or mid afternoon snacking.

The benefits.

  • Contributes to healthy gut and skin by supporting structure and function of connective tissue (collagen)
  • Promotes brain and heart health, and is a rich source of energy (monounsaturated fats in nuts)
  • Helps protect cells from oxidative damage (vitamin E - an antioxidant in nuts)
  • Helps with metabolism of fats, proteins and sugar, and energy creation (vitamin B2 and B7 in almonds)

What goes in.

Organic coconut (46%), dates, organic coconut oil, blueberry powder (2%) (from 100% blueberries), strawberry powder (2%) (from 100% strawberries), organic acai berry powder (1%) (from 100% organic acai berries).

What's kept out.

Gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, sugar syrups, artificial colours, and preservatives.

Did you know?

Did you know most of the commercially made, so-called ‘healthy’ snack bars are loaded with as much sugar as a chocolate bar? Having too much sugar in your diet can cause a range of unfavourable issues from sugar crashes and weight gain to increased risk of heart disease. 


Handmade in Sydney. 

Nutritional Information.

Blue Dinosaur

At 14, co-founder Mike promised his best mate if he started a business, that business would be named Blue Dinosaur - that says it all! His aim for Blue Dinosaur was to start a whole new option of healthy snacking - little hand-baked snacks consisting of very few ingredients which taste as good as your Nan’s cooking and can fit in your pocket. Add to this, a promise of using no chemicals, binders, flavours, preservatives, or anything artificial, plus, making every single bar by hand, we think, Mike succeeded.