Herb Remedy
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Botanical Bar Soap
Rose with Red Clay & Almond Oil

Made with rose geranium oil, french red clay and sweet almond oil. It helps to balance, soften and support your skin health and appearance, while relaxing your body and mind.

The benefits.

  • Lathers naturally, cleanses and protects skin (antibacterial properties in coconut oil)
  • Helps smooth and soothe dry and irritated skin (monounsaturated fats in olive oil)
  • Helps draw excess oil and impurities from skin (french red clay)
  • Helps ease eczema and psoriasis (anti-inflammatory properties in coconut oil)
  • Helps protect against skin cell degeneration, delaying the appearance of aging (antioxidants)

What goes in.

Australian extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil, water, lye, french red clay, sweet almond oil, organic rose geranium essential oil, dried organic rose petals.

What's kept out.

Synthetic fragrances/parfumes, artificial colours, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, petroleum-based ingredients and synthetic detergents.

Did you know?

Did you know many commercial personal and household cleaning products list sodium lauryl sulphate as a main ingredient? This is a detergent and foaming agent that dries out skin and cause irritation. A “foam-fresh” feeling, but at what cost?


Handcrafted with care and love in Byron Bay.

Hot tip.

For longevity, please keep your bars dry and in a well-drained position away from direct streams of running water.

Herb Remedy

Herb Remedy is the creation of Amanda Callan, a qualified Naturopath who has been handcrafting botanical soaps for over a decade. With the addition of a naturopathic dispensary and a collective of holistic practitioners, Herb Remedy is the culmination of a vision to make botanical remedies part of people’s everyday lives.


They are a ‘botanical laboratory bringing the healing properties of plants into the modern world’. Grounded in naturopathic principles, their offerings help weave healing plants into ones everyday habits.