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Paper Towels

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Super strong and absorbent 3-ply paper towel that doesn’t wipe out our forests. An eco-friendly kitchen essential that’s 100% recycled and ready for any clean-up! It’s also made on home soil, which means more Aussie jobs.

    The benefits.

    • Made from paper, not trees
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Chlorine and bleach free

    What goes in.

    100% recycled paper.

    What's kept out.

    Virgin trees.

    Did you know?

    Did you know only 5% of toilet paper in Australia comes from recycled paper? Sadly, the rest is made from virgin trees. It’s time to switch to recycled toilet paper! According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, every tonne of recycled paper saves 13 trees. But that’s not all. It also cuts down 4,100kwh of power, 3.1m3 of landfill and 26,500L of water. .


    Made in Melbourne.


    Toilet paper and paper towels are traditionally made with paper from our beloved trees, so who better to reimagine them than three generations of paper makers? Bound by a belief there was a better way to make these household essentials, iCare developed a system to gently remove, cleanse and purify tree fibres from office paper that was headed for landfill. Then they figured out how to make it soft and cushy. The result? 100% recycled, sustainable toilet paper and paper towel that’s soft on you, your household surfaces, and the planet. iCare is proudly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council — a global not-for-profit organisation setting the standard for responsibly managed forests around the world.

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