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Baby Cleansing Wipes

Coconut, Jojoba Seed & Calendula Oil
65 wipes

Naturally clean, soothe and heal with these hypoallergenic bamboo baby wipes. Enriched with organic oils that will dissolve any sticky mess, then act as a skin barrier to protect from irritation and nappy rash.

The benefits.

  • Reduces itchiness and skin irritation (anti-inflammatory properties in aloe vera)
  • Helps to ease chafing and minimise the effects of eczema (antimicrobial properties in jojoba seed  and coconut oil)
  • Helps to heal wounds, relieve nappy rash and keep skin moisturised (anti-inflammatory properties in coconut and calendula oil)
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause infections (antioxidants in aloe vera and jojoba oils)

What goes in.

Purified water, certified organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil, certified organic propanediol (plant based moisturiser), citric acid (fruit based stabiliser), certified organic glyceryl stearate citrate (plant based emulsifier), certified organic jojoba seed oil, certified organic calendula oil, certified organic aloe vera, xantham gum, sunflower oil, certified organic vitamin E - antioxidant, certified organic sodium levulinate (salt based preservative), certified organic potassium sorbate (gentle plant based preservative).

What's kept out.

Fillers, sorbolenes, setting-agents or chemicals.

Did you know?

Did you know commercial baby wipes can take 100 years or more to break down? If that’s not enough to turn you off, consider this: they are often made with chemicals, fragrances, parabens and other nasties that shouldn’t be in our homes, let alone on our baby’s skin.


Made with love in Australia.

Jak Organics

JAK Organics is inspired by three sisters’ upbringing in the lush surrounds of Victoria’s Sherbrooke Forest. Together, they set out to create a business that’s as close to nature as you can get — just like their childhood. In the JAK Organics wipes range you’ll find an abundance of certified organic cold pressed oils — and no fillers, sorbolenes, setting-agents or chemicals. Despite their natural recipe, they actively work to remove make-up, dirt and other daily grime, while moisturising, replenishing and protecting the skin. Even better, they’re certified biodegradable and will decompose in your compost within weeks… Unlike most other wipes on the market.