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Tapioca Flour


Craving spongy, light and fluffy baked goods? Reach for tapioca flour. Made from the lush South American cassava plant, this gluten-free flour is practically odourless and tasteless and is great for binding. The slight nutritional content is a bonus.

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The benefits.

  • Protects cells from damaging free radicals and supports the immune and nervous systems (iron and copper)
  • Supports energy creation and maintains healthy bones, teeth and connective tissue (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Contributes to mental performance and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B5)
  • Can assist with colon health due to resistant starch (non-digestible fibre)

What goes in.

Certified organic tapioca flour.

What's kept out.

Fillers and preservatives.

Did you know?

Did you know that most wheat isn’t what it used to be? Due to modern modification, commercial wheat is now faster to grow and more resilient to pests. This has come at a big cost to health. Its new, unnatural properties aggravate our intestinal lining, inhibit mineral absorption and cause immunoreactive issues. Switching to wheat-free or organic flour is best for our health.


Grown in Thailand, packed in New Zealand.

Hot tip.

Known primarily for improving the texture of baked goods, use tapioca flour to achieve the ultimate crispy pizza and pie crusts.

Ceres Organics

Meet Ceres Organics. What began as New Zealand’s first urban organic vegetable co-op is now a one-stop-shop for natural cooking and snacking essentials. Expect a dynamic range of pasta, canned goods, rice crackers and flours, all ethically produced with organic or biodynamic methods in mind. But Ceres Organics’ goodness goes far beyond the food. They’ve proudly created an ecologically and socially responsible distribution chain. Tick. They regularly contribute to the well-being of over 2000 children and their families in Peru. Tick. And they are the first New Zealand company to become EcoSocial certified for their commitment to organic fair trade. Tick, tick, tick.