Tassie Tallow
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Tasmanian Pork

Lard is a beautifully soft product. Slippery in texture and yielding an almost nutty aroma, lard is amazing to cook with, lending itself to being a great all-rounder for all your cooking.

The benefits.

  • Contributes to your vision and assists in the absorption of iron for energy creation (vitamin A)
  • Promotes muscle, bone and artery health (vitamin E, D and K)
  • Protects your nervous system and may improve the health of your heart (saturated and unsaturated fats)
  • Promotes good gut health and supports healthy insulin levels (butyrate)

What goes in.

100% pork fat.

What's kept out.

Sugar, salt and impurities.

Did you know?

Did you know that when cooking oils reach their smoke point, they may become toxic? Volatile and harmful chemical compounds are released, which have been linked to lung and bladder cancer. The lower the smoke point of the oil, the easier it is for toxicity to occur. Thankfully, lard has a high smoke point at around 190 degrees.


Sustainably produced in Tasmania.

Hot tip.

A wonderful companion for stove-top sauteing veggies, deep-frying foods, searing meat and oven-based cooking due to its high smoke point of 190 degrees.

Keep in a cool, dry place & out of direct sunlight.

Ensure foreign foods and water don't contaminate the lard or spoilage may occur.

Take care if transitioning between fridge/freezer and room temperature as moisture can get trapped in the container & cause spoilage.

Tassie Tallow

Welcome to the home of good fat. Tassie Tallow is proud to share their uniquely Tasmanian produce with the rest of Australia. Tassie Tallow has a simple but important goal. To promote animal fat as a healthier alternative to the vegetable and seed oils that dominate Western diets - particularly in processed foods. It’s time for lard, dripping, schmaltz and tallow to stage a long overdue comeback. This small-batch-production business aims to revitalise Australia’s health with nutrient dense fats filled with essential acids, vitamins and energy. And being foodies at heart, they’re also here to help out the culinary masterpieces of any budding, or master, chefs.