Love Tea
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Organic Tea Pyramids
20 pack

Therapeutic herbs fennel, fenugreen and caraway seeds blend together to naturally support healthy milk production. A holistic and delicious caffeine-free cup with subtle hints of lemon and fennel, softly balanced with aniseed.

The benefits.

  • Supports healthy lactation (fennel and fenugreek)
  • Aids digestion for both mum and baby (caraway seeds)
  • Helps to stimulate a healthy appetite (aniseed)

What goes in.

Certified organic fenugreek, fennel, lemon balm, aniseed and caraway seeds.

What's kept out.

Plastic and chlorine.

Did you know?

Did you know commercial tea bags often contain plastic? Many brands use a sealing agent called polypropylene to seal the tea bag — it isn’t biodegradable or recyclable. Even worse, some premium tea bags are made with cheap plastic mesh, which releases billions of microplastics with every cup. Herbal tea with a dose of microplastics? Love Tea bags are made from plant-based material. 


Sourced in India and Germany. Handmade in Geelong, Victoria.

Love Tea

Love Tea has been serving up organic cups of well-being, uplifting communities and caring for the planet since 2006. With a naturopathy background, the founders’ decision to steer clear of artificial flavours, additives and pesticides came, well, naturally. As for their packaging: the box is completely recyclable, the pyramid tea bags are made from plant-based material and the clear pouch can even be thrown in your compost. We especially admire that Love Tea work directly with growers and small-scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source their ingredients. Not to mention, they also give back to not-for-profit organisations by participating in the 1% For the Planet movement. Frankly, we couldn’t be more in love with Love Tea.