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White Rice
Dryland Medium Grain

Marlivale White Medium Grain a Japanese upland variety. This variety of rice holds it’s structure when cooking, leading to a firm bite and is our most versatile rice, great for sushi to salads, and everything in-between.

The benefits.

  • Helps protect cells from damage and supports energy creation (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Assists in mental performance and reduces tiredness (vitamin B1 and B3)
  • May help to promote good psychological health and maintain muscles bones and teeth (magnesium)
  • May contribute to a healthy heart and stable blood pressure (flavonoids - antioxidant)

What goes in.

Whats kept out.

Pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

Did you know?

Did you know non-organic rice crops are usually sprayed with pesticides and insecticides? While intended only for the pests, these chemicals can cause long-term health problems for us, including hormone disruption, lung irritation and neurological disorders.


Grown seasonally in the sub tropical climate of the Nimbin Valley, New South Wales.

Hot Tip.

Keep in the fridge or freezer and enjoy within twelve months. 

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