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Brewer's Yeast
Natural Inactive

Brewer's yeast has a slightly bitter and nutty taste, a flavour similar to vegemite. It’s one of the highest known sources of B-complex vitamins. It also contains selenium, protein, chromium and naturally occurring probiotics.

The benefits.


  • Assists with energy supply and nerve, muscle and heart function (vitamin B1, B2 and B3)
  • Helps the production of red blood cells (vitamin B6 and B12)
  • Contributes to muscle growth and maintenance (protein)
  • Helps blood cell formation and function (iron and vitamin B9)
  • Helps to protect your body’s cells from free radical damage (vitamin E - antioxidant and selenium)

What goes in.

Inactive Yeasts (100%).

Contains: Gluten (wheat) and sulphites. May be present: Sesame, soy and tree nuts.

What's kept out.

Preservatives, colours, flavours and sweeteners.

Did you know?

Rapadura sugar is a solid form of unrefined cane sugar. It has a high molasses content giving it its characteristic caramel-like colour. Other common names include kokuto in Japan, jaggery in the Philippines, gur in India, panela in Colombia, piloncillo in Mexico, chancaca in Honduras, and tapa de dulce in Costa Rica.


Product of Estonia and packed in Australia. 

Hot tip.

Many people use brewer’s yeast to make 'lactation cookies' – helping breastfeeding mums naturally produce more milk.

Nutritional Information.

Honest to Goodness

From the sesame seeds they sell to the very soul of their organisation, Honest to Goodness keep it, well, honest. Their philosophy? To make healthy food and affordable ingredients for everyone. Established in 2002, Honest to Goodness is underpinned by the strongest of company values, like ‘contribute not exploit’, which places ethical contribution and responsibility at the forefront. They also support organisations and causes whose values align with their own, which includes their ‘goodness giving program.’ Wholefoods that are ethical, environmental and don’t cost the earth? Sounds like our perfect partner.