Natural Evolution
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Pancake & Waffle Mix
Gluten Free

A nutrient-dense range of the highest quality ingredients combines into a flavour-packed range of five premixes. Make the tastiest pancakes, waffles or doughnuts at your fingertips that the whole family will enjoy. A luscious vanilla experience perfect for any occasion.

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The benefits.

  • Helps to fight infection and boosts the immune system (Retinol the active form of vitamin A in beef liver
  • Promotes the normal growth of children healthy digestion and gut health ( iodine and vitamin B12 in beef liver and kelp)
  • Assists in protecting cells and mental health, and supports the immune system (vitamin C in   Camu Camu and fermented broccoli)
  • Aids blood cells and the nervous system, reducing tiredness and fatigue (Idonine and vitamin B12  in liver and kelp)
  • Plays an important role in bone health and wound healing (vitamin K in the  fermented blend and beef liver)
  • Helps blood cell formation and function (iron and vitamin B9 in the fermented blend, kelp, and liver)

What goes in.

Green banana resistant starch, buckwheat flour, rice flour, chia seeds, coconut nectar, vanilla powder, cinnamon, rock salt, baking powder. 

What's kept out.

Gluten, dairy, synthetics, fillers, artificial colours, sugars, flavours and preservatives.

Did you know?

Most commercial flour crops are sprayed with glyphosate which can make its way into the flours and food products, increasing our risk of adverse health effects. Furthermore, commercial flours are heated, destroying beneficial nutrients like vitamin E, and bleached to create a pristine white flour. We’d rather the nutrients, please!.


Sustainably grown in Tropical Queensland.

Hot tip.

Add to your baking of bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, thickening soups, stews, gravy or even to your smoothie.

Nutrition information.

Natural Evolution

As a second generation farmer Robert has a strong farming philosophy and believes that ultimate nutrition begins with healthy soil and plants. For many years Rob and his family were among the largest banana growers in Australia, specialising in a variety known as Lady Fingers. Week after week Rob would find himself disposing tonnes of beautiful Lady Fingers that he had poured so much energy and resources into growing all because they were too big, too straight or too bendy for the supermarket giants. The fruit was perfectly good for eating and packed full of nutrients. From that moment, Natural Evolution was the first company in the world to commercially produce green banana flour. Natural Evolution Foods is committed to bringing you the highest grade natural superfoods the world has to offer. You can be assured that their products are always gluten free, dairy free, highly nutritious and completely natural with no preservatives or additives.