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Coconut Flour

Our favourite tropical fruit turned nutritious baking staple. An excellent low-carb, high-fibre, gluten-free alternative to wheat flour, made by drying, defatting and grinding fresh organic meat into a pure flour.

The benefits.

  • Promotes healthy digestion and gut health (fibre)
  • Helps kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi (lauric acid)
  • May improve energy and endurance while burning more calories (medium-chain triglycerides fats)
  • Contributes to your perception, memory and mood (iron)

What goes in.

Certified organic coconut flour.

What's kept out.

Fillers and preservatives.

Did you know?

Did you know that most wheat isn’t what it used to be? Due to modern modification, commercial wheat is now faster to grow and more resilient to pests. This has come at a big cost to most people’s health. Its new, unnatural properties aggravate our intestinal lining, inhibit mineral absorption and cause immunoreactive issues. Switching to wheat-free or organic flour is best for our health.


Grown in the Philippines, packed in Australia.

Hot tip.

Love your porridge, but not the digestive discomfort that comes with it? Swap your oats for coconut flour for a protein-packed porridge.


All Niulife coconut products are made from sustainably sourced, organic wholefood ingredients. But that’s not nearly the best part. They’re also 100% village-produced. Niulife equips locals in some of the world's poorest remote coastal communities with the knowledge and tools to own and operate their own small business. And not only does Niulife buy every drop of oil that the villagers produce (so long as it meets their strict quality standards) but they give 100% of the profits from sales back to the village via the DME® Village for Life™ Empowerment programs. Niulife is an apt name for a business that’s truly changing lives.