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Organic Ramen

With a balance of sweet and salty, this is not your average 2-minute noodle snack. Containing a delicious liquid miso base sachet and slow dried noodles, it can be enjoyed straight up or with the addition of meat, veggies or tofu.

The benefits.

  • Supports optimal immune function and energy supply (iron and zinc)
  • Supports energy creation and healthy bones and teeth (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Helps keep skin and hair healthy via haemoglobin and collagen formation (copper) 
  • Helps to protect cells from free radical damage (antioxidants in mirin)

What goes in.

Noodle: organic wheat flour, sea salt.

Soup: organic shoyu (45%) (Water, organic soy beans, organic wheat, salt), water, Organic Mirin (water, organic rice, organic rice koji, salt), organic sesame oil, sea salt, organic coconut sugar, organic yeast extract powder (organic yeast extract, salt), onion extract, garlic extract, green onion extract (green onion, salt), kombu powder (contains Iodine), white pepper, black pepper.

What's kept out.

Dairy, MSG, eggs, nuts, additives & preservatives.

Did you know?

Did you know your favourite grains could have more pesticide residues than other food? Sadly, some commercial growers treat their crops with high amounts of harmful chemicals that can cause everything from mild skin irritations to serious diseases. Always opt for organic grains; they’re not only free of nasties, but they bring impressive health benefits to the table, too.


Made in Japan

Hot Tip.

Boil 450-500ml of water, add noodles, soup & vegetables. Cook for 3 minutes and serve.

Nutritional Information.

Spiral Foods

Picture it: Melbourne. The 1970’s. A group of people living an alternate lifestyle make a pact to follow the macrobiotic way of life. Who knew that decades later, their commitment would become Australia’s leading supplier of high quality, organic traditional foods? Spiral Foods believe wholesome food is a basic human right. This philosophy is evident through their range of pantry goods, inspired by worldly cuisines. Over the decades, our eating patterns and food trends have evolved, yet Spiral Foods has stayed true to its roots. We’ll think you’ll be able to taste the difference.