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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Cold Pressed

The deep green colour and nutty taste of this cold pressed pumpkin seed oil, is ideal for decorating the plate, drizzling over a hearty salad or as a tasty sauce. All year round you can serve delicious, nutritious meals, simple snacks or sauces when you discover the wonderful versatility of this locally made oil.

The benefits.

  • May help reduce inflammation (monounsaturated fats)
  • Helps with normal functioning of your heart and blood cholesterol levels (Omega 3 ALA)
  • May help reduce risk of chronic diseases (antioxidants)
  • Aids your nervous system, keeps muscles strong and healthy and your blood pressure normal (potassium and magnesium)

What goes in.

Cold-pressed pumpkin seeds.

What's kept out.

Preservatives, pesticides, and sugar.

Did you know?

Did you know that avocado oil should be kept in a dark bottle? This will protect it from sunlight, which over time will turn the oil rancid. This not only destroys the all-important antioxidants; it can also trigger harmful free radicals that contribute to cell damage.


Sustainably made in the Alpine Region of Victoria   

Cold-pressed and unrefined, meaning that nothing has been added or taken away. Once the oil is pressed it is stored in stainless steel tanks for 5 days before bottling so any seed particles can settle. 

Hot tip.

Add pumpkin seed oil mixed in with apple cider vinegar on fresh green salads, or warm potato and bean salads. 

Marinade meat, drizzle over steamed vegetables or pasta plus it gives delicious results in baking or even ty it mixed in ice cream to add a deliciously nutty flavour.

Pepo Farms

Established in 2002, Australian Pumpkin Seed Company is a family owned and operated company with all profits retained and used for continual growth and improvement. They are the first and only producers of pumpkin seeds in Australia and they're proud to be a farm to plate company that produces pumpkin seeds for eating and a range of other seeds, nuts, oils and flours. They practice sustainable farming using organic and biodynamic practices, which involves their team working with agronomists to constantly look for natural ways to enrich the soil. The use of cover crops and other means such as carbon capture allow us to go beyond simply not using any herbicides or pesticides.