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Red Miso Paste

Rich Soybean Paste

Say 'no' to bland food and 'yes' to flavoursome and umami (essence of deliciousness) rich food. Red miso is generally heavier in flavour than white miso and is well suited to heartier soups, broths, braises, marinades and glazes.

The benefits.

  • Supports optimal immune function and energy supply (iron and zinc)
  • Supports energy creation and healthy bones and teeth (manganese and phosphorus)
  • Helps keep skin and hair healthy via haemoglobin and collagen formation (copper) 

What goes in.

White rice, soy beans, salt, alcohol (less than 2%) and kōji starter. 

What's kept out.

Dairy, sugars and gluten. 

Did you know?


Made with love in Tasmania. 

Hot tip.

Mix Miso, honey, olive oil, tomato paste and ginger for a sticky rib marinade, add to scrambled eggs, add to spaghetti bolognese for an instant umami boost. Refrigerate after opening. 

Umami Pantry

Umami Pantry is all about bringing real flavour back to real food. Inspired by the power of fermentation to release unprecedented flavour and health benefits in food, they create products that can only be described as a secret weapon in the kitchen, packed full of the elusive fifth taste, umami. Umami is a Japanese word used to describe the fifth taste and it translates loosely to yummy or deliciousness, and that has to be the best way to describe the fifth taste. 100% Australian and their products are all plant-based and gluten-free. We take our social responsibility very seriously by supporting local, promoting health and wellness and using 100% sustainable packaging. If you’re looking to mix things up in your kitchen then it’s time for umami in every meal.