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Sushi Nori

9 Sheets

Harvested for peak flavour and sourced in the cleanest water South Korea has to offer, enjoy this buttery and roasted seaweed (sushi nori). Made with premium organic seaweed and are perfect for making restaurant style hand and sushi rolls.

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The benefits.

  • Contributes to your thyroid health, energy creation and nervous system (iodine and vitamin B12)
  • Promotes the normal growth of children healthy digestion and gut health (iodine)
  • Contributes to your perception, memory and mood (iron)
  • Contributes to healthy bones, connective tissue and good psychological health (manganese and magnesium)

What goes in.

What's kept out.

Seed oils., MSG, synthetic preservatives and artificial flavours.    

Did you know?

The majority of seaweed we eat, is derived from global supply chains that source it from potentially contaminated Asian waters. Knowing where your seaweed comes from is like knowing if your fruit is sprayed with pesticides or not. And because seaweed is a vital part of the oceans’ ecosystem, sourcing it responsibly is an important act of sustainability. 


Grown off the coast of South Korea, in an area famous for its clean, protected waters rich in nutrients.