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Vanilla Madagascar

Non Alcoholic Flavouring

Add a dash of creamy vanilla to your dish. From sweet to savoury, this rich non-alcoholic flavouring captures the complex aroma and essences of vanilla. Probably because it’s derived exclusively from premium, organic Madagascar vanilla beans.

The benefits.

  • Helps to protect cells from the effects of free radicals (antioxidants)
  • May help to boost your immune system and lower stress on the body (antibacterial properties)
  • May assist with arthritis, joint and muscle repair (anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Supports heart function, energy creation and mental and emotional well-being (vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5)

What goes in.

Organic glycerin, organic vanilla bean extractives in water.

What's kept out.

Preservatives, colouring, pesticides and chemicals.

Did you know?

Did you know that for centuries vanilla was considered an expensive luxury? Soaring demand resulted in heavy reliance on genetically-modified vanilla crops. These are sustained with artificial fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals. Not something you want mixed through your next plate of cupcakes.


Grown by small-scale farmers in Madagascar.

Hot tip.

Make the switch from alcoholic to non-alcoholic vanilla flavouring. Use as a measure-for-measure equivalent in place of alcohol-based vanilla extract in all your favourite baked goods, homemade ice cream and even smoothies.

Simply Organic

At the heart of every healthy kitchen lies a selection of quality herbs and spices. It sounds simple, but it makes all the difference. Simply Organic is dedicated to ensuring their products are grown and processed in an ethical and sustainable manner, from the field all the way to your kitchen. How? It’s simple. They develop direct, honest and genuine relationships with growers and are committed to integrity in all their business practices. They also support numerous organic and sustainable farming communities through the Simply Organic Giving Fund. To date, millions have been donated worldwide. So, you have all that to think about while seasoning your salad!