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Sleepy Patch
Sleep Promoting Stickers
24 Patches

All-natural, essential-oil-infused sticker patch's that you can stick to PJ's, bed frames or pillowcases. Stick 1 on, 30 minutes before bed. It works for 8-10 hours once taken out of the pack. Perfect to help your little one fall asleep faster and support longer and more refreshing sleep.

The benefits.

  • Helps with anxiety, nervous exhaustion, stress and insomnia ( all  essential oils)
  • Helos  create a calm space for a peaceful sleep (all essential oils)
  • 24 colourful patches per pack in a ziplock resealable bag.
  • Goes on clothes, not on skin.

What goes in.

Mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver essential oils.

What's kept out.

Synthetic ingredients and other chemicals. 

Did you know?

The 'SleepyPatch' is tested and formulated to start working within just 30 minutes for most individuals. This is due to the unique nanomaterial and the clever mix of mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver essential oils. Plus, research from publications and institutions like the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Laboratory, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Services all report favorable benefits from essential oils.


Formulated and designed in Australia and produced in China. 

Hot tip.

Put on bed frames, pillowcases, or pajamas. Since they’re easy to peel, stick, and un-stick, you don’t have to worry about sticker residue.

For kids and adults, just use 1 patch placed on pajamas, a pillow or bed-head.

Recommended for 2+ years old. 

Natural Patch

Natural Patch makes honest products that stick with you and make life with your family even better. The founders of Natural Patch got the idea after a summer with their children in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Sun, sand, dirt, fun and - mozzies. Lots of mozzies. And swelling and blemishes and itchiness. Not wanting to douse their children in chemical-heavy repellants, they got to work. They’ve combined the healing and remedial power of nature's essential oils with scientifically developed sticker patches. Their selection of patches helps in everyday situations from repelling mosquitos, to sleep, to stress relief and more.