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Exotic Potatoes
With Sea Salt

A crunchy, colourful bag of native Chilean potato varieties, grown by farmers using traditional agricultural methods. Vegan, gluten and soy free, these moreish crisps are hard to resist.

The benefits.

  • Aids your nervous system, keeps muscles strong and healthy, and your blood pressure normal (potassium in potatoes)
  • Contributes to the normal function of cells and energy, and helps to reduce tiredness (iron and phosphorus in potatoes)
  • Helps your brain receive energy to function (vitamin B3 in potatoes)

What goes in.

Seasonal varieties of native potatoes, high oleic 100% sunflower oil, and sea salt.

What's kept out.

Artificial flavours, gluten, preservatives and refined sugar.

Did you know?

For oil to qualify as high oleic, the oleic acid percentage in the oil needs to be over 80% - these ones are 83%! In addition, this oil is minimally processed with the oil literally been squeezed out of the sunflower seeds in one single step through the use of an intense force, without any added heat or chemicals. The problem with commercial sunflower oil is they are heated and are hydrogenated (process in which a liquid unsaturated fat is turned into a solid fat by adding hydrogen) to help increase shelf life and save costs.  


Handmade in Chile.

Tika Foods

The goal of Tika Foods is simple - to make healthy snack alternatives from real food ingredients sourced from traditional Chilean farms. The company has relationships with farmers from the Chiloe Archipelago as well as with the indigenous Mapuche farmers from the Araucania region, and values the work they do using traditional farming methods to grow 100's of varieties of native potatoes. Farmers are also supported and educated in eco-conscious farming methods that improve the soil and their crop yields. 

These moreish chips are the result of using only the best vegetables, farmed with sustainable methods, to create crisps that you won't be able to resist.