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Vegetable Stock
Concentrate | Organic

Filled with only natural, organic produce, with no animal products or sugar, this vegetable stock is guaranteed to be a staple in any vegetarian or vegan's pantry.

The benefits.

  • Assists in energy creation, digestion and muscle function (calcium)
  • Promotes healthy digestion and gut health (fibre)
  • Helps with normal functioning of your heart and blood cholesterol levels (Omega 3 ALA in olive oil)
  • May help reduce risk of chronic diseases (antioxidants in all products)

What goes in.

Vegetables 78%, WA lake salt, olive oil

What's kept out.

Fillers like rice or corn flour, no msg or yeast extract.

Did you know?

Did you know commercial stock is often packed with flavour enhancers? One of the main flavour enhancers is MSG, which is linked to a variety of health concerns. These include headaches, nausea, weakness and heart palpitations. Researchers agree that the best way to avoid potential risks is by avoiding MSG altogether.


Crafted with care in the heart of Australia, championing organic farming communities.

Hot tip.

Stock concentrates are ideally made as liquids. Mix 6g of stock concentrate with 250ml of water, or adjust it to your desired taste.

Urban Forager

For Urban Forager, it’s all about using 100% wholefood and simple ingredients to create the delightful flavours that you will find in their certified organic stock concentrates. With a commitment to both their customers and the environment, each glass jar contains only farm-fresh meat, vegetables, herbs and spices - no fillers or flavour enhancers to be found here. Say goodbye to supermarket stock cubes and use these concentrates as a delicious base for your favourite family meals.