Heilala Vanilla
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Vanilla Extract
Baking Blend

Perfect for everyday use, combining pure vanilla extract with 100% natural flavour providing a well-rounded vanilla taste. Great value for everyday baking and it comes in a convenient size screw top bottle. Good for "panna cotta, ice cream, creme brulee, lamingtons, mille-feuille and frosting."

The benefits.

  • Helps to protect cells from the effects of free radicals (antioxidants)
  • May help to boost your immune system and lower stress on the body (antibacterial properties)
  • May assist with arthritis, joint and muscle repair (anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Supports heart function, energy creation and mental and emotional well-being (vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5)

What goes in.

Heilala Vanilla Bean Extract (Vanilla Bean Extractives in Water, Glycerine and Alcohol), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sugar.

Contains 0.5% alcohol 

What's kept out.

Preservatives, colouring, and pesticides. 

Did you know?

Did you know that for centuries vanilla was considered an expensive luxury? Soaring demand resulted in heavy reliance on genetically-modified vanilla crops. These are sustained with artificial fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals. Not something you want mixed into your next plate of cupcakes.


Cultivated in Tonga, crafted in New Zealand. 

Hot tip.

Substitute an equal amount of Baking Blend Vanilla Extract in any recipe that requests vanilla. Enhances other flavours such as coffee, chocolate and citrus.

Adds sweetness to wholefood, healthy and sugar-free recipes and is great in chocolate cake, cookies, slices and smoothies.

Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla’s origins began in 2002 as an aid project founded by New Zealander, John Ross, and his family after The Kingdom of Tonga had been ravaged by Cyclone Waka. They partnered with a local family in the village of Utungake and together they established a small vanilla plantation that robustly grew into the world renowned humanitarian vanilla brand. Sustainability is at the heart of Heilala Vanilla’s ‘Reason Why’. They support ‘The Tongan Way’ (Anga Fakatonga), with a working culture that is social, family friendly and has given its people a new industry to adopt, supporting the protection of their local lifestyle. Building a stable, long-term industry for Tonga, redefining corporate-social responsibility by working with an entire nation to transform their future has been key - and this is evident with 400 vanilla farming families in Tonga partnering with Heilala. From this distinctive flavour, its humanitarian mission and fair treatment of farmers, Heilala Vanilla makes people feel as good as the product tastes.