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Zinc Balm Light
Peppermint, Lavender and Carrot Seed Oil

Zinc Balm is much more than your average SPF moisturiser. It's 100% handmade, reef safe, human safe and smelt fantastic. It's instantly waterproof, thanks to the beeswax and easy to apply and contains only non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients that people can trust. Plus, kids love using it!

The benefits.

  • Holds in moisture and reduces the risk of dry skin (omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in oils)
  • It may help your skin generate healthy new cells (antioxidants in vitamin E)
  • Lathers naturally, cleanses and protects the skin (antibacterial properties in oils)
  • Helps keep skin moist and minimises irritation (antimicrobial properties in oils)

What goes in.

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil and olive oil, non-nano zinc oxide (25%), cocoa powder, Australian beeswax wild-crafted, vitamin E oil (d-alpha tocopheral_ and pure essential oils, lavender, peppermint, and current seed. 

Note that carrot seed oil blocks UV rays as a natural sunscreen - SSPF of 38-40

What's kept out.

Aluminum salt, propylene, butane, and isobutane.

Did you know?

Zinc Balm can be used to help repair skin issues created by the elements such as burns and rashes, it doesn't sting your eyes or run off the skin with sweat or water. And based on 3 years of feedback, children actually enjoy putting it on - they know what's good for them.


Handmade in the Sunshine Coast Qld.  

Hot tip.

If you use the product every day on your face, exposed arms, and neck it should last you:

  • 1 person = 12-14 weeks
  • 2 persons = 6-8 weeks 
  • 3 persons = 4 - 6 weeks
  • 4 persons = 4 weeks

Please note.

This zinc balm has not been lab-tested to determine the exact SPF rating, which is why ATGH doesn't make any claims. However, they use 30% non-nano zinc oxide and other wonderful ingredients which are well known for their ability to protect you from too much UV exposure. It's the way nature intended. 

Against the Grain Health

Against the Grain Health (ATGH) is on a mission to steer the dialogue away from symptom driven, band-aid approaches to health and educate individuals about alternative forms of healing which walk the line between positive scientific understanding and the test of time. Their products are comprised of 100% natural, high quality, ethically sourced, raw ingredients provided by suppliers who share their philosophy. The alchemy of each possible is inspired by the 'the wondrous creations' of our natural environment - they seek only to holistically facilitate natures best, and combine it in such a way that everyday skin products are infused with plant extracts to support the mind, brain, body and soul. Founder Brad McDonald, strives for ATGH to always live up to its name which is why they flipped the script on the 'nonsensical approach and infuse our products with only nature’s best'. His ambition is to continue to create everyday products that are not only organic, non-toxic, long-lasting, and a pleasure to use, but also so effective that people are pleasantly surprised and delighted. At Part&Parcel, we are excited to help propel this mission to more Australians - as we know you can count on these powerful handmade creations that are made with integrity and intention.